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Why You Need HR


As a consultant, I have conversations with small businesses daily. These businesses have made a decision to outsource HR to a PEO - a professional employer organization. But even before they outsource, I receive questions from acquaintances starting a business that are not at a point to outsource. Human Resources can often be overlooked and seen as "overhead" and unnecessary. I couldn't disagree more.

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4 Recruiting Difficulties Startups Face and How to Fix Them

BUSINESS INSIDER  •  May 27, 2014

Recruiting quality talent for any company is tough — but for a startup, it can seem virtually impossible. Your money is tight, your reputation is non-existent, and your company culture is still in development. And to top it off, you can’t risk hiring any duds: you really need each player to pull their weight and help the company accomplish its goals.

Don't fret, though: there are ways around these challenges. You just have to be innovative. Since you're in the startup world, that shouldn’t be a problem for you!

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What's a PEO and How Can It Help my Business?

ENTREPRENEUR  •  May 9, 2014

Here's all you need to know: A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is one of the best-kept secrets of many successful small businesses. Essentially, these bodies handle all your HR needs, including payroll and administration, employee health and retirement benefits, workers' compensation insurance, state and federal compliance issues and even worker training.

All you're left to do is hire, supervise and promote (or fire) your employees as needed. Of course there is a cost for contracting out your HR department, but consider this list of positives.

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