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10 HR Trends You'll See In 2016

​HUFFINGTON POST BUSINESS  •  December 29, 2015

The rise of technology and social media have completely redefined the role of Human Resources around the world.

To understand what the future holds for HR professionals around the world, at P World, we spent the last month talking with over 60 international HR experts, discussing their ideas and predictions for the year ahead.

The conclusion - 2016 is going to be one of the most complex years in the global HR world.

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Employee Recruitment Strategies: How to Attract (and Retain) Top Talent

​HUFFINGTON POST BUSINESS  •  December 14, 2015

If you've ever tried to recruit a new employee for your small business, you know how challenging the process can be. You have to find the right person at the right time, and offer him or her a desirable employment package.

Contrary to popular belief, a high salary isn't always the deciding factor for a job candidate. In fact, a CareerBuilder survey revealed that a flexible schedule, making a difference, challenging work, and working from home are other top considerations.

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8 Recruitment Myths Preventing You From Finding the Best


Employees are just as important to a business as the products and services being sold. This is why it's so vital to carry out effective recruitment tactics. Surprisingly, it is possible to segment potential workers based on certain characteristics and specifics. Here's a quick look at few myths about employee recruitment that prevent you from finding the best workers.

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6 Key Areas to Outsource When Starting a Business

FORBES  •  April 13, 2015

​Consider outsourcing everything that is not strategic to your business. This includes your Human Resource (HR) support functions, accounting, manufacturing, transportation, and even your executive staff. Do you need a full-time CFO or controller, or would a “fractional” CFO or controller who is a shared resource with other companies work for you? The concept of “pay as you go” billing and generally no upfront investment costs make outsourcing nonstrategic functions a compelling solution for new and emerging growth businesses.

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