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3 Reasons Why HR is Critical to Your Company's Success

ENTREPRENEUR  •  November 21, 2016

Who is a CEO’s right hand? The VP of sales? The CFO? What about the head of HR?

​HR usually isn’t lumped into this "right-hand" category, and that's a shame because HR leaders are critical to the success of every organization. They do much more behind the scenes than many people realize. Without them, businesses wouldn’t have dedicated teams of talented people, and without people, there is no business.

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Majority of Employers Plan to Staff Up in Q4 2016


Employers are confident that they will hire more workers through the end of 2016, with the strongest hiring plans being reported in India, Japan, Taiwan and the United States, according to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey.

Staffing levels are expected to grow in 42 of 43 countries and territories despite a slowdown in the global economy and continued financial market volatility. Only employers in Brazil expect headcount to decline in the October-December timeframe. The survey includes responses from more than 59,000 organizations worldwide, of which 11,000 are U.S. employers.

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6 Ways HR Leaders Can Help Humanize the Organization

ENTREPRENEUR  •  May 4, 2016

Historically, business strategies have focused on production and business outcomes. Human capital was considered nothing more than a means to an end. The world is changing, however, with "the growing realization that somehow amidst efficiency, productivity, and career advancement, our very humanity has lost out,” as author Tim Leberecht describes it.

Today HR leaders can help humanize the organization; leading the charge toward building a world of work that marries business-minded and relationship-oriented strategies for success.

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Popularity of PEO Outsourcing Growing


According to the ADP Research Institute, small and midsized businesses (SMBs) added nearly 80% of all new jobs in January 2016, demonstrating that employers are seeing opportunities to strengthen and grow their businesses. However, with limited resources and personnel, business owners are often caught between developing and executing business strategies or handling administrative tasks like benefits administration, payroll, talent recruitment, employee training, and more. The good news is that many SMBs have uncovered a solution that allows them to tackle it all: A Professional Employer Organization.

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A Guide to HR Outsourcing and Employee Leasing

BUSINESS NEWS DAILY  •  January 16, 2016

PEOs are often confused with temporary staffing agencies. While the two share some slight similarities, the model is different. PEOs assign their own, existing employees to take over your human resources administrative tasks. The PEO is responsible for most of the behind-the-scenes human resources tasks, such as negotiating health insurance, benefits packages and retirement plans. PEOs deal with reporting wages to the IRS. Essentially, the PEO is handling all the business and administrative tasks related to employment.

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